A Vision for Evesham

by Admin on September 12, 2012

Transition Evesham Vale Volunteers seeking views from the public on a vision for the Town

There are a number of issues affecting the town at present which are of considerable import
for the future – the replacement of the Abbey Bridge, the appearance of the amended South
Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) with its proposed large increase in local housing,
the emergence of Wychavon’s Intelligently Green Plan (IGP) with proposals for a better
environment, a consultation on Health and Wellbeing and the gradual decline of the Town
Centre. Amidst all of this is it felt that groups and organisations within Evesham should
seek to set out a Vision for the town to give the authorities and the planners some sense of
what local people would like to see happening over the next five years. This is offered in the context of the ongoing discussion as to whether there should be an Evesham Town Plan,
rejected earlier this year by the Town Council, a survey of Evesham residents currently being
undertaken by the Evesham Market Town Partnership (EMTP) and the Vale of Evesham
Commerce and Trade Association (VECTA), assisted by the Civic Society, and ongoing
conversations involving Transition Evesham Vale and the Cycling Forum among others. It
is not intended to compete with these processes but to get people thinking, and contribute to

1) Transport

  1. Better public transport in the Vale, especially buses
  2. More cycle lanes, especially encouraging children to cycle
  3. A 20 mph limit in the town

2) Energy

  1. A decrease in the use of fossil fuels in the Vale
  2. An increase in domestic energy saving measures – loft and wall insulation, etc
  3. An increase in community renewable energy initiatives – river, solar, wind, etc.

3) Housing

  1. More low-cost, social housing built to high environmental standards
  2. Infill sites used with no loss of high-grade agricultural land
  3. All empty properties brought into use
  4. Developing a voluntary scheme for better use of existing housing space

4) Employment

  1. More locally-based employment, especially in the food industry
  2. More part or full-time home-working, reducing travel
  3. Ensure local retail and food providers use as much local food as possible
  4. Combined workshop/residential premises
  5. Improved broadband speed and access

5) Health

  1. Active encouragement for exercise – swimming, gyms, cycling, etc
  2. A vigorous anti-smoking campaign

6) Town Centre

  1. Active search for uses for empty shops
  2. Local food outlet(s) on the High Street, vegetables, fruit, meat, etc
  3. Concerted campaign to get M &S to open on the High St.

7) Education

  1. Public debate about adequate school places related to developments proposed
  2. More explicit links between schools and colleges with health improvement, the local food industry and environmental issues
  3. Car-sharing schemes to schools
  4. Ensure library services are retained
  5. A Town Meeting say once every two months for the Town Council to meet local residents as this vision and maybe a Town Plan evolve.

8) Environment

  1. To maximise the positive messages about the excellent local environment
  2. To maintain that environment as one of the most attractive features of the town
  3. Resilience to climate change, including floods
  4. More allotments, garden-sharing schemes and community-supported agriculture

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