Community Energy in the Vale of Evesham

by Admin on September 2, 2012

Why invest in your community’s energy future?

Energy future…

Currently most of the energy we use is from fossil fuels. Worldwide energy demand is growing, so fossil fuels are being used up at an ever greater rate, the supply is limited and prices are rising.

In the UK fossil fuel resources are running out. Less than a decade ago, we exported oil and gas – now we depend on imports. As a result, we face soaring prices and risk supply disruptions. And burning fossil fuels is a major source of greenhouse gases and increases the risk of dangerous climate

Community responses

Transition Evesham Vale believes we can take practical action to reduce our energy risks.

Communities can invest in new ways to generate the energy we need – from renewable sources such as the sun, water and wind. We can help communities in the Vale to reduce the amount of energy they need, so that they are less vulnerable to rising prices and uncertain supplies. And we can do this best by working together.

New ways to make energy

Transition Evesham Vale wishes to explore community projects to generate energy from local, low-carbon and renewable sources. This is already happening near us – in Warwickshire, in Pershore, and in many locations around the country (see case studies at ( matters-to-you/saving-energy)

Some projects could harness the power of the sun and the wind, water for hydro power, food waste for electricity and heat. Could we generate 100,000 units of electricity a year from renewable sources by 2015?

Working with others allows us to combine resources to generate energy on a much bigger scale, invest in your own energy production, earn money for your community, create local jobs and keep money area. It enables us to take on or be part of projects that we could never be involved in as individuals.

Energising communities, better ways to use energy

Transition Evesham Vale would like to help create ‘Energy Neighbourhoods’ ( to encourage communities to take on the challenge of reducing their energy consumption, saving money and having fun!

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