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Julie December 14, 2015 at 7:58 pm

Good job on documenting this near riot. However,you fiaeld to attach this to riots all throughout New Jersey’s history. It is my belief that riots, overall violence, kid’s killed in schools, police brutality,organized crime-New Jersey famous for, people imprissoned without due process,perjury on the stand, strikes,political coruption-New Jersey famous for, and police killed in the line of duty- like Trooper Pogano of New Jersey, are all related to a social contract, or lack there of. Politics and social contracts are statewide not county wide or city. New Jersey’s lack of social contract will be primarily a lack of a Small Claims Court System or lowest court. Get, if you can pull it off, a New York State Small Claims Court System, as a minimum for New Jersey. In at least some counties of New York their Small Claims Court System exists as follows. First there is an easy to fill out form, and they give you a small booklet describing the NY Small Claims Court System. There is only monetary rewards and a charge of $10.00 to sue up to $1000.00, and $15.00 charge to sue up to $3,000. Then the parties go to an independent Arbitration Board with trained consellors. If the arbitration board can not reach an agreement you then go in front of a law school graduate judge to settle the claim. It is simple! Do not make it to difficult. People need a Small Claims Court System to solve their differences in court, instead of resorting to violence. New Jersey lacks a good Small Claims Court System.If you want to solve kids killed in schools, first look up either LAW or Freedom in the encyclopedia and you will find: LAW PROTECTS FREEDOM. A good battle cry! Then get the law in schools, not by more rules, metal detectors, or security guards, instead put New Jersey State Constitution and The Constitution of the United States on the wall these should be posted in other violent areas, such as prisons. You can get law into schools by also having attorneys give a speech explaining US Constitutional Rights and Rights under the Constitution of New Jersey they would probably love to do that if asked. Also there is a Laymans Guide to U.S. Constitutional Rights found somewhere, I don’t know from where yet, but the U.S. government has such a pamplet. This pamplet can be used as a teaching guide for teachers, to further getting the law into schools.Good luck. Again very good documentation, I wish I was a fine as a writter- I’m working on it. I’ll try and send you some New Jersey history I have to get you started. It does not contain the Patterson Riot and Asbury Park Riot both of 1967 I beleive, because I can’t find them. You could work on that. There is also some other disturbances in New Jersey documented on the internet, that you can contact too-one man in Patterson documented a recent police riot control at a peacefull demonstration that does not understand that it is statewide problem not Patterson yet. You can explain it to him.I am an electronic technician, who tries to document history in 24 of the most violent states, and Washington D.C. My exploits are a long story but I caused numerous TV episodes to be written with imput from President Clinton. I caused President Clinton to go to Harrisburg, Northern Ireland, and Vietnam Vietnam is that my father, Attorney Paul T. Smock of New Jersey (Blairstown), graduated from Georgetown and then worked for U.S. Senator Smith who was the senate foreign affairs advisor. When I was 11 I was taken to the Smithsonian Institute and dropped off while my father did some sort of business in Washington. When I was 15 or so I was told that he tried to get declassified the reason behind the start of the Vietnam War -I know that reason, my father felt it would give more reason to the deaths instead of a fight aginst communism-which it was not. Anyway, at my father’s funeral came U.S. Congress Smith, U.S. Senator Smith’s son and a Senator, who must of been a New Jersey Senator, named Donovan. They informed me that my father received Congressional Honor postmortum and they wanted to make sure I knew what the reason behind the Vietnam War was. I allready knew. I got into a huge political mess in Pennsylvania, I was railroaded into prison three times for what I knew-police murder,police arson,collecting double taxes on one property by selling a non-delinquent property at a Sheriff tax sale, and more-hint:one episode of Sliders featured a crooked sheriff. I expressed a desire to declassify the reason behind the Vietnam War.I fought back real hard by documenting Pennsylvania History and proving the Pennsylvania Revolution that began in 1681 and will end as soon as they get a social contract. I wrote a document called The Holy Experiment that did not Work and included Pennsylvania’s violent history and their serious lack of social contract:* No Small Claims Court System *Terms Commonwealth, Court of Common Pleas, and The Commonwealth Court, that teaches ignorance in violation of the constitution of the United States that the law is for the individual and not the Common Man.*The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights (Constitution) in a book on too few bookshelves for generations. I’m currently writing a book, I’ll send some incomplete drafts of part of the book The Holy Experiment that did not Work also. I am also the grandson of the Mayor of Asbury Park for two terms. Also my father put the mob in New Jersey away. Also I knew of Trooper Pogano. Also it was me that reported the KKK in York , Pa who demonstrated with guns. I got to get back to writting my book sorry, good luck, and thank you. Parker


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