What is the position of TEV regarding Renewable Energy in the Vale of Evesham?

by Admin on August 13, 2012

The following statement was agreed in a TEV consensus decision-making workshop in June 2010 with particular attention paid to the future of Wind Power:-

“Transition Evesham Vale recognises the need to reduce our dependence on oil, gas and coal in order to address the combined challenges of climate change and fossil fuel depletion. Alongside increased fuel efficiency, we realise that renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydro and bio generation will all have a role in filling the energy gap.

We believe that there is a case for wind power generation in the Vale of Evesham, and that a site or sites could be found to harness this valuable energy resource.

We support the development of wind power in which:

  • The communities of the Vale have a stake in ownership and benefit from the development
  • The development contributes to increased economic as well as energy security within the Vale
  • The development is on a scale appropriate to its setting.

We would welcome opportunities to work towards such development in partnership with others who share our aims.”

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