Greening Evesham – Next Steps

by Chris Haynes on March 6, 2019

The event on 23rd February was a great success – except that…

…we had roughly twice the number we had expected:- there were 87 attendees (we had expected around 40).

This lead to unavoidable crowded tables and noise issues during the breakout sessions. We tried re-arranging the tables, but some still had problems hearing, for which we apologise.

Overall, however, people seemed very happy with the event. Around 60 people stayed for the breakout sessions, and 53 completed response forms – which are proving very helpful.

  • 20 people said the event had had a big impact on their commitment, while
  • 21 said it had improved their commitment somewhat.

The intention of Greening Evesham is to encourage and support community projects. The responses showed that people are keen to participate:

  • 11 offered to help organize projects,
  • 21 want to take part and
  • 10 want to be kept informed.

The event assessments were:

Very good Good OK Poor
Main talk 33 16 3
Discussion 15 15 10
Breakout groups 13 18 11 1
Report back 6 24 7
Next steps 6 13 6 1
Facilities 13 21 7 2
Overall Event 21 11 2 1


Next Steps

We are currently preparing a list of possible projects. We will put them onto an interactive  web page and invite people (by eMail) to express their interests in them.

The output of this ‘voting’ will go into the next event, to which all are again invited. There is a tentative date for this¬† – Saturday April 6th – but this is yet to be confirmed and no venue has yet been booked.

At this event we expect project groups to form; they will then organize their own meetings and activities.

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