Home heating – References

This page contains references to source material used in the 29th October 2021 talk

How are we going to heat our homes?

The numeric references are to the slide numbers in The Talk – 58 slides (43Mb pdf)

Part 1 – Home heating

5 Why have we got to change? & 16 How much do we need?

Ofgem Future Insights The Decarbonisation of Heat

State of the UK Housing Stock (excellent report)

9 Passive solar heating


17 Ground source heat pumps

Good general explainer

Installation costs (vendor)

20 Air source heat pumps

Vendor overview

23 Collecting heat – air source

DIY installation – video

23 Air-source heat pumps – snags

Common air source heating problems (vendor’s blog)

27 Ground floor insulation

University of Sheffield research

29 Suspended floor insulation

A vendor’s ‘best practice approach’

31 Using existing radiators

A vendor’s re-assurances

Thermal batteries

Post-event a slide was added to reference Thermal Batteries (which had been omitted from the candidate COMBI replacements and could be useful more generally).

Here are a couple of thermal battery vendor links:



35 Solar thermal panels

‘Which’ explainer

Vendor explainer

36 Hot water – additional heat pumps

Vendor of additional heat pumps

42 Diffusion of Innovation

Wikipedia article

Part 2 – Circular & service economies

46 Heat as a service

Catapult Energy Systems explainer

50 Circular economy

Wikipedia article

Part 3 – Hydrogen

48 Rasa – hydrogen-powered car

Technology overview

52 Fuel cell

US Gov. explainer

53 Generating green hydrogen

Electrolysis (discussion of materials used)

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