Plastic Waste

by Admin on November 20, 2014

Transition Evesham Vale is aware that there has been general progress over the past few years in enhancing the amount of our waste that is re-used or recycled rather than being dumped in landfill sites. This is good both from the points of view of re-using expensive and potentially rare materials, and also for not leaving a legacy of ever-increasing and potentially harmful desolation for future generations to deal with.

However, our progress is stubbornly slow in one area which has very serious future consequences if not effectively addressed without delay. We refer to the issue of plastic waste. Unlike most other materials, plastics will not degrade in a harmless way if dumped into our fragile ecosystem. As demonstrated in countless reports and exposés, they break into ever-smaller fragments by mechanical action and are then consumed by the lowest forms of life before working their way through to the higher orders with appalling consequences.  So we have written the attached letter to all of our West Midland’s European Members of Parliament to elicit their views. We plan to publish their responses here. Watch this space:-

Download Letter to MEPs

Download Jill Seymour MEP’s Response

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