Safe Active Travel in Evesham – an opportunity missed


In May the government instructed all English local authorities to take immediate emergency measures to reallocate road space to cycling and walking both to encourage active travel and to enable social distancing during post COVID-19 restart.

A group of Evesham environmental and active travel enthusiasts – led by Transition Evesham Vale and Cycle Evesham Vale, prepared 20 recommendations for walking and cycling safety improvements in Evesham, intended to help the local implementation of these instructions.

You can see the safety recommendations here.

These recommendations were submitted to Worcestershire County Council Highways authority on 20th May.

The restart of high streets started today – Monday, 15th June. The emergency measures should have been in place this morning.

Sadly our county Highways Authority have not yet shown any intention of implementing the government’s instructions to improve safety and to encourage Active Travel.

So Transition Evesham Vale asks you to please be safe while cycling or walking, and asks motorists to be aware that active travellers will be practising social distancing, may be novices and to allow an extra berth while passing.

Thank You

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