Town Celebrates “Tasty and Trusted” Local Food for the 4th Year in a Row

by Admin on June 29, 2014

Transition Evesham Vale celebrated scrumptious local food last weekend ably supported by music and dancing from members of the National Morris Festival.

These events along with the summer weather brought thousands of people to All Saints Churchyard, the Market Square and Vine Mews. The food festival was superbly orchestrated and organised by Lisa Whelan, of Jelly Pickle Jam Tea Shop and opened by Councillor Gerry O’Donnell. An exciting list of events and children’s activities were on offer this year, including a climbing frame and juggler. All of which helped to promote the quality, abundance and taste of Vale local food.

The event also included showcasing local restaurants and the publication of a local food directory. More and more people want to source their food from known local suppliers they can trust. Transition Evesham Vale has been promoting local food for the past four years through a number of initiatives. They have published a local food directory which spells out where to buy good quality local produce.


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