Transition Evesham Vale responds to Paris Agreement

by Admin on December 16, 2015

The local Transition group has urged residents of the Vale to make our own commitments to follow what nearly 200 nations agreed in Paris last weekend. Many climate scientists believe this is the last chance to prevent more of the droughts, storms and floods which are already coming from global warming. The Chair of Transition Evesham Vale (TEV) Professor Steve Martin said, ‘We can’t just leave it to the politicians. We are all responsible for making sure carbon emissions are urgently reduced. Not everyone can do all ten of our tips but everyone could do some’.

TEV has been campaigning on environmental issues in the Vale for the last eight years, and has drawn up these Top Ten Tips for people to help save the planet.

1. Buy & eat local fresh produce, but less meat, and don’t waste food
2. Use public transport, cycle or car share whenever you can.
3. Cut your car journeys by at least 10%.
4. Only fly if you have to, short-hauls are the worst.
5. Lower your thermostat by 2 degrees and wear an extra sweater.
6. Ensure where you live is as energy efficient as possible.
7. Reduce water use, shorter showers, catch rainwater to flush loos
8. Invest savings in renewable energy schemes.
9. Campaign for all new Vale building to be zero carbon.
10. Bring possibly mendable items to imaGine’s Repair shop, 2nd Saturday of the month.

People can find out where to buy local from the TEV ‘Local Food Directory’ and businesses can join the 30:30 group, which source at least 30% of their food from within 30 miles of their base. In addition TEV urges all Evesham residents to support the ‘Green Plan for Evesham’, a vital element in the new Town Plan. Transition Pershore has now joined with TEV, and together we are keen to promote Wychavon Council’s ‘Intelligently Green Plan’ and ‘Intelligently Green Awards’, nominations for 2016 awards will soon be launched. For more ideas and inspiration go to Youtube and view our film ‘Greening the Vale of Evesham’, with Alistair McGowan. To find out more about the Green Plan for Evesham contact Robin Walker,
Further information from David Haslam (TEV Secretary)
or TEV Chair Professor Stephen Martin

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