What is the carbon footprint of a typical Wychavon resident?

by Admin on September 11, 2012

The Latest Carbon Data for Wychavon

Wychavon has the highest CO2 emissions in Worcestershire (8.6 tonnes per capita in 2008) and Worcester the lowest (5.8 tonnes per capita 2008). This is taken from the latest data collected for NI186 which excludes motorways. For Wychavon, emissions are broken down by the following proportions –

  • 43% industry
  • 30% domestic
  • 27% transport

The latest Carbon Data for Worcester is –

  • 41% domestic
  • 39% industry
  • 20% transport

The industrial emissions from Wychavon are almost double that of Worcester. Wychavon transport emissions are

more than double that of Worcester (rural nature of the district compared with Worcester).

If we include motorways in the emissions for Wychavon jump to 11.6 tonnes per capita for 2008. The Worcester figure does not change.The Wychavon breakdown for this is 43% Transport, 35% industry, 22% domestic.




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